Why does my dog drag its bottom?

Why does my dog drag its bottom?

Posted 3 years ago by Alex Winter

It's not something any of us needs to see - the dearest family pooch hurrying their base along the grass, ground, or floor covering.

While your impulse might be to reprimand your little guy, there are valid justifications canines hurry. Furthermore, it's not to humiliate you before the organization. All in all, for what reason do canines drag their bottoms - and how would you be able to deal with making it stop?

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Common Causes and Treatments

Hurrying - when a canine hauls its rear-end along the ground - is quite often a sign something is aggravating your canine. What's behind that aggravation can go from disease to worms to irritation. The absolute most normal reasons canines drag their base include:

Butt-centric Sac Problems. Regardless of what people may feel about the matter, canines speak with their backsides. In particular, they speak with the malodorous, greasy substance that comes from the butt-centric sacs found inside on one or the other side of their rear-end. Butt-centric sacs can now and again get turned into a boil, impeded, or aggravated. This is particularly the situation in more modest variety canines. While trying to alleviate the torment and uneasiness, a canine may begin hurrying.

Hurrying is just a single indication of butt-centric sac issues. Different signs incorporate biting or licking around the territory, expanding around the butt, and inconvenience pooping. Treating butt-centric sac issues relies upon what's causing the issue. Treatment alternatives include:

Communicating the sacs, at home or a vet

Offering anti-infection agents to treat a disease Expanding dietary fiber Applying warm packs Spearing or flushing the sacs under broad sedative Hostile to inflammatories if exceptionally kindled/swollen or difficult

Fecal defilement: An episode of looseness of the bowels can leave a canine got dried out, powerless, and with a chaotic, tangled base. dont care

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Whatever the source, fecal defilement under your canine's tail can in the long run cause sufficient inconvenience that your pooch starts hurrying to discover alleviation. Inasmuch as the fecal defilement hasn't prompted disease, treatment can be pretty much as simple as cutting back messy hair (be mindful so as to try not to trim the skin). From that point forward, you need to clean the territory with warm water.

In the event that your canine has loose bowels for over one day or is troubled by clogging, converse with your vet.