The danger of feeding dogs with human food

The danger of feeding dogs with human food

Posted 3 years ago by Alex Winter

Many of us have the urge to share food with our dogs, it's a natural thing to want to do after all, but could you be harming your dog?

It may be the odd scraps here or there, maybe someone left a sausage or a piece of chicken at dinner time, and why waste that food right? Instead of feeding the bin, people feed their dog, it's understandable, however, there are some foods that are better off in the bin than in your dog's stomach!

Dog eating bread
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The wrong scraps to feed your dog

Chocolate is almost the cliche of dog health facts now. Chocolate is a prime example of food most humans love and want to share with their fluffy little friends, but unfortunately, chocolate is basically poison to dogs, so let's not.

raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, almonds, onions, and garlic. These are all also things that may as well be treated as poison to dogs, dogs stomachs just aren't made to deal with these types of foods.

Processed meats and other human processed goods can also be harmful to a dog, you may see it as a harmless treat for your friend but you may be feeding them, artificial sweeteners which contain xylitol, this is known to be extremely bad for any pet and can only really be processed by humans.

Dog with food bowl
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So what can I feed my dog?

Honestly, You should really be sticking with what you know is good for your friend. Your dog will eat anything you give it, it has complete trust in you and of course doesn't know the dangers, so please be your dog's guardian, don't let your friend eat things that will make them sick.

Pet food that you buy from the shop exists for good reason. These companies know for the most part what's healthy and what's not for your dog so trust in them. There are some foods that you eat that are also safe to share with your pet, but they are few and far between, so research first before feeding your dog with something that isn't official dog food.

Dog eating treat
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Bad habbits

Yes, there may be times when you share the odd snack with your dog, but ask yourself will start a pattern. If your dog begins to expect food from you in this form it may also expect this from strangers. A stranger may not have the same knowledge about dog dietary requirements and feed it something that could make them sick. So be careful with the behaviors you may be encouraging in your dog, it could lead them to harm.

You also don't want your dog to begin snacking too often, if you are giving your dog small treats here and there between its main meals this might encourage overeating habits, this can lead to an unhealthy pooch that could develop into long term health complications for your friend.