Cat food wet vs dry

Cat food wet vs dry

Posted 3 years ago by Alex Winter

Cat food comes in many different sizes, smells, colours, and tastes. It's hard to tell sometimes what's good for your cat and what's not.

Let's dig in and look at the reasons why you might want to choose either wet or dry cat food.

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Dry cat food is often preferred among owners. Dry cat food is convenient and comes in larger bags. These factors alone mean that dry cat food is cost-effective and for most people, this is the key reason to choose dry

But is dry healthy? There is less risk of bacterial growth in dry foods. it can even be put into cat food dispensers and left without fear of it going bad too soon.

A health benefit of dry food over wet food is it helps tartar buildup on your cats' teeth, however, older cats may have trouble with dry food.

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Although it is not as convenient, wet food is typically better for your cat. Cats tend to actually prefer this option as its texture is more palatable, easier for cats to chew, more variety in the diet, helps with your cats' water intake.

Often wet cat food is seen as a treat for cats, however feeding your cat wet cat food may actually be more healthy for your feline friend, yes, it does cost a bit more, but your cats' health is worth the extra dosh.

Which should I get?

Ultimately it's really up to you and your cat. Cats will show you when they like the food you give them and the food they don't, so it's best to try different alternatives and note which foods your friend enjoys best.

Balance is key, it may be suitable to try to feed your cat a mixture of both dry and wet, do this based on what your cat prefers, the health benefits, and also what you can afford. In any case, feed your friend well and keep them healthy and all should be well.

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