Can a rabbit die from a lonely heart?

Can a rabbit die from a lonely heart?

Posted 3 years ago by Alex Winter

Rabbits are incredibly sociable creatures. In the wild rabbits live in large groups called a fluffle or colony. In the wild rabbits live in warrens. A warren is an underground network of tunnels that the bunnies build for a safe living space.

The rabbits' warren creates a close community. That community can sometimes be up to 30 rabbits. Rabbits are known for procreating very rapidly too, so a Fluffle becomes big quickly.

Rabbit in its home

As pets, rabbits normally live in much smaller numbers. Rabbits grow strong emotional bonds with each other and if they lose a member of their fluffle unexpectedly it can have a serious impact on them.

Rabbits can get sad, and can also become stressed and depressed. If a rabbit becomes depressed it will begin to show it through different signs.

Molting - although it is natural for rabbits to molt in early winter and early summer, or a sudden diet change. Molting could also be a sign of either too much stress or depression

Lethargy - If your normally quite active and happy bunny begins to stop playing and interacting with you. This is obviously a more intuitive sign that your little fluffy friend may be suffering from mental sickness.

Refusing food and drinks - This is the most life-threatening and could lead to a very unhealthy bunny that could be more at risk of disease. If you identify that your friend is no longer eating and or drinking, this could be another sign of high stress and depression.


Like with any socially sensitive creature, with time and love you can heal your little friend. It may also be a good idea to visit the local vet. If your bunny lives alone in its hutch, it may be time to invest in a friend to keep your bunny company!